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Yitelle is a new and fast growing company that aspires innovation!  We search the world to astound you with products you'll want to put your hands on!


Based in Brookyln New York, Yitelle, a brand known for its aspiration to bring culinary technique and tools, resonates with professional chefs and amateur cooks alike! We at Yitelle focus on promoting the finesse of culinary innovation through the scope of kitchen repertoire! We at Yitelle, along with our product initiators,  are currently working on several potential culinary tools which will be available to our consumers in the near future!


As of 2015 we have launched our "pilot product" - our kitchen torch! This durable torch offers the ultimate in high scale dining yet doesn't intimidate amateur cooks! Its sleek shape makes it ultra comfortable to use it will enhance your favorite foods! Our cooking torch is used by professional chefs around the globe. It enables them to create your favorite dishes to perfection! Our cooking torch is also ideal for the home cook with many uses such as: crème brulee , caramelizing sugar, roasting veggies, broiling fish, browning meat, crisping corn on the cob, etc. YOUR CREATIVITY IS THE LIMIT! 


At present, Yitelle, employs 4 people. among them are Isaac Scoutte - CEO, Julie Scoutte - customer support specialist, Brad Richardson - product researcher, and joanne veb - business and marketing engineer. 




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